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Gatsby Theme Dorian

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Gatsby Theme Dorian

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Create marketing site in 4 simple steps:

1. Download

2. Run

3. Edit

4. Deploy

Edit your site in real-time on your development server. Using this starter you can do that without external CMS's or digging in markdown. Combine ease of editing site with site-builders and flexibility of customizing site you created from scratch. Pay once and own your code.

You can use 4 ready inline-editing enabled blocks:

1. Content block with title

2. Carousel block for image sliders or customer reviews

3. Contacts block with Google Map

4. Title-only block

Full list of features:

- Full TinaCMS integration

- Minimal responsive design

- Easy Theme Customization(colors, title, description, menu and more)

- Inline content editing

- Page Builder

- Good SEO support

- Styled Components

- Tailwind CSS(Using Twin.macro) 

- Animations using framer

- Custom scrolling bar

- Custom blocks

- Forms with Formspree integration

- Form Builder from Tina Grande Starter

- Offline support (PWA)

Package includes full user guide in readme

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